Having a healthy body, mind and spirit are what I live for.
I have worked in the health/fitness field for twenty-five years and
have devoted myself to living a healthy life. As a licensed massage therapist for the past eighteen years, my practice involves educating clients about the importance of taking care of themselves and focusing on prevention as a way of life. Throughout the years, I have seen a need for pure, natural beauty products. After trying other beauty products, I became frustrated with the ineffectiveness and use of synthetic preservatives in these products. I decided to make my own. After spending countless weeks experimenting with only the purest of natural ingredients, "Gentle Mother" products emerged.
"Gentle Mother" has been in existence for twelve years now.  I am also a certified Bikram yoga teacher and have been practicing
yoga for sixteen years.

I hope you enjoy my products as much as
I enjoy creating them for you.